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In an effort to share the expertise required for putting successful techniques into practice, BCB organises training for companies and tradesmen in renovation and new constructions.

On Tradical courses you can build up the skills to develop the right techniques for any type of structure.

Discover the Tradical network

These training courses are also an opportunity to meet other air lime professionals along with our instructors, who are there to share their wealth of hands-on experience.

Strengthen your position on the market

The construction market offers an abundance of technical solutions. Mastering those techniques that will help you gain in effectiveness and suitability with regard to demand will strengthen your business.

Build ecologically

BCB is the air lime and hempcrete solution specialist. Its solutions are based on materials or composites with high-quality technical and health characteristics and a low impact on the environment.

You simply need to acquire the specialist skills in this area to make your structures insurable.



Our programmes are designed to enable you to quickly learn how to use Tradical solutions

  • A Theory module covering technical data, costs, the French Building Code (DTU), French Professional Rules and best practices
  • A Practical module to get up and running immediately


  • Tradical Hempcretes course: insulating screeds/roof insulation/insulating walls/ insulating lining
  • Tradical Hemp Render course: render with insulating properties
  • Lime Render course
  • Interior Lime Render course: multi-substrate render for smoothing and finishing, render for smooth or stucco-textured finishes, limewash
  • Repairing Ashlar course

Our instructors

All our instructors are professionals specialising in our air lime solutions. They share their wealth of hands-on experience.

Training Centre

All BCB training courses take place in one of our thirty centres spread throughout France.

BCB - a service provider

BCB has been a training service provider since 2008.

Our training modules

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