How to point or re-point with lime ?

In tune with regional building methods

Pointing is used in many regions to give a wall an aesthetically pleasing finish, from brick work through to rubble stone and fire stone work, among others.

How do you protect your walls?

Joints play a crucial role in preserving a wall by protecting it from runoff water, while also ensuring that water vapour moving through the wall diffuses. Tradical® PF 80 lime, which is also used as a finishing render for façades, can be used here for pointing or repointing masonry elements.

The resulting structure crucially stops water from infiltrating, as otherwise masonry or masonry elements may be damaged over the medium term.

Create different textures

Texture depends on the tools and the technique used. Joints can be smooth, buttered, scraped, brushed, and so on.

Reproduce or create a certain look

Joints have a very important role to play in the final look and character of a building. Local aggregates should be chosen to make sure the structure fits perfectly into its surroundings.

When only some joints are repointed, these can be treated with Tradical® Eau de Chaux or Lait de Chaux to give them a time-worn look so they blend into the overall structure.

Tradical Lime for (re)pointing

Tradical PF 80 chaux blanche spécial enduit de finition

Tradical® PF 80

  • Class FL A 2 building lime according to building lime standard NF EN 459
  • Manual and mechanical application

Tradical® PF 80 M

  • Class FL A 2 building lime according to building lime standard NF EN 459
  • Used with sands lacking in fines.
  • Manual and mechanical application
PF 80M 3D copie

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