Lime as a finishing render protecting façades & walls

Nine benefits of Tradical® PF 80 lime


  1. Protect and enhance façades
  2. All the traditional regional finishes: brushed, cut, scraped, float-smoothed, smoothed, etc.
  3. Coloured using local sand or pigments
  4. Manual or mechanical application
  5. The whitest of limes to allow local sand colours to express themselves
  6. High vapour permeability to allow the walls to breathe
  7. Natural protection
  8. The visual appearance is guaranteed to last over time
  9. For renovating old buildings, restoring historic buildings and enhancing the façades of new constructions

Exemples of textures

Satisfied customers

The Château de Chappe

This 15th-16th century château was restored by repairing the damaged ashlar of decorative elements and applying a traditional three-coat render (base coat/brown coat/finish) to completely stripped façades. The yellow hue of the sand for the Cher region is shown off by the highly lustrous quality of Tradical® PF 80 lime.


Tradical® PF 80: Class FL A 2 building lime according to standard NF EN 459

Tradical® Lime for finishing render

Tradical® PF 80

  • Class FL A 2 building lime according to building lime standard NF EN 459
  • Manual and mechanical application
Tradical PF 80 chaux blanche spécial enduit de finition
PF 80M 3D copie

Tradical® PF 80 M

  • Class FL A 2 building lime according to building lime standard NF EN 459
  • Used with sands lacking in fines.
  • Manual and mechanical application

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