Read about our six case studies of houses built a few years ago using Tradical® hempcrete, and discover how truly energy efficient they are in terms of heating.

The calculations for designing projects that conform with Thermal Regulations are theoretical, so when you are holding an actual reduced heating bill in your hands, it feels great!

The results presented in the case studies confirm the unique contribution made by the bio-based Tradical® hempcrete insulating system, which goes above and beyond the R-value.

How do houses built using hempcrete actually perform?


Living in Côte d’Or


4 à 5 steres of wood per year
to heat the house

When used for the walls, the attic and the screed, the effectiveness of insulating composite Tradical® hempcrete becomes obvious in terms of how easy it is to cast, its service life and its thermal performance.


Enjoying life in Haute Garonne


2 steres of wood per year
to heat the house

You can’t think of south-west France without thinking sun and heat. Well, believe it or not, Tradical® hempcrete avoids the need for air conditioning because it is as effective in summer as in winter. And in winter, high performance is a given. That means annual heating and cooling costs are totally under control.


Residing in the Var


€130 per year
in heating costs

Designed and built by Daniel Bayol of DB Chanvre, who specialises in this type of building, this modern house located at Vidauban is oriented so as to benefit from the sun as it travels across the sky, with very large openings on the south-facing façade.


Savouring the Périgord


€300 per year
in heating costs

This bioclimatic house in the Périgord region, with a gross floor area of 170 m², was also built by DB Chanvre, using a timber frame system combined with an insulating wall, an insulating ground floor screed and an insulating first floor slab, all made with TRADICAL® HEMPCRETE.


Extending upwards in Toulouse


2 steres of wood per year
to heat the house

Tradical® hempcrete is also a solution for building a lightweight and solid upward extension in record time and with all the required summer/winter thermal performances. On this project, the owners gained 80% extra living space.


Settling in the Doubs


1,500 kg of wood pellets per year
to heat the house

In an area where temperature and weather can vary considerably within the same day, Tradical® Hempcrete regulates these variations perfectly, ensuring stable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

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