A lime product for Pointing/Spot repairs/Facing/Decorative elements

Why ‘repair’ rather than ‘replace’ damaged stones?

Replacing stones is done in several stages: removal, crafting a new stone in the workshop, laying, adjusting or finishing off the cutting, filling the joints and grouting. This results in a lot of lifting and handling and time spent at the work site/workshop at a cost that may exceed the budget available.

In many cases it is possible to avoid this process with our lime product dedicated to repairing ashlar: Tradical® Reparoc.

With just a single lime product, you can (re)point, reconstruct the facing of damaged stones, make spot repairs and give new life to decorative elements using templates.

How do you make your project more straightforward?

With a single lime product covering all the stages of repair, including the finish.

The mix proportions are adjusted to the type of stone and the work to be done.


4 key points

  • Stone cutter tools are still required!
  • This same lime is also used for initial bonding, so no need for synthetic products.
  • Powdered stone can be added to the mortar to obtain an aesthetically pleasing finish to the facing.
  • The repair ages to fit in with the other existing materials, thus preventing a patchy effect!
  • évitant l’effet « rustine » !

Satisfied customers

Tradical® Reparoc was used to restore a cornice with a complete reproduction of the profile using a template 


Tradical® Reparoc was used to reproduce all the ground floor decorative elements, which included restoring the diamond-inspired rustication, the decorative elements framing the openings and the banded rustication.

Tradical® Lime dedicated to repairing stonework

Tradical® Reparoc

Class FL A 5 building lime according to building lime standard NF EN 459

Réparer la pierre

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