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Building your house with hemp concrete

Suitable whatever the budget

Hempcrete is multi-purpose and make structures easier to build as it adapts to all types of set-up which may or may not combine self-insulating walls and/or a self-insulating roof and/or a self-insulating screed, all made with Tradical Hempcrete.

Supporting creativity 

As Tradical Hempcrete can be used with any type of load-bearing structure (timber, metal, concrete, etc.), architects can research all avenues in designing modern, contemporary or traditional buildings, extensions, raised structures, the list goes on.

An ecological construction

The carbon footprint of Tradical Hempcrete is one of the lowest around. Applied as an insulating wall, it absorbs 0.34 kg CO2eq/FU/year whereas bricks, aerated concrete and concrete blocks emit 0.27 to 0.49 kg CO2eq/FU/year.

The same goes for grey energy consumption, which is 50% lower than that of the other masonry materials cited above.

Paving the way

Maison Lumière – Yann Roinnel, architect. This house was designed to live in harmony with the seasons and the changing Breton skies; it also acts like a cocoon, protecting its occupants from changing outdoor temperatures as well as providing comfort with a great view!

House in Carbonne, France. This new timber-framed house with its masonry stove only consumes two to three steres of wood per year. It is also designed to provide comfort in the summer thanks to the properties of Tradical Hempcrete, which counter the high temperatures reached in Southwest France.

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